Amanda's Tree

Amanda's Tree
Amanda's Tree
Amanda's Tree

“Amanda’s Tree” was planted while my sweet friend Amanda Jones was battling colon cancer.

In Fall of 2017 I (Susanne) started leaving notes with scripture and pairs of earrings in her mailbox for encouragement.

Little did I know the impact it would make.

“A friend gave me the gift of earrings because it is what she makes, not realizing the confidence and boldness they gave me.” Amanda wrote, “they make me feel bold and beautiful.”  

Together, Amanda & I dreamed up a way to help others battling cancer in the same way. We started donating trees of earrings to local cancer centers calling them Amanda's Tree.

Amanda passed away on September 3, 2018. Before she passed, we dreamed up the idea of donating trees full of earrings to hospitals to encourage other women fighting cancer and other illnesses. 


A Tree of Earrings to Fight Cancer

Amanda lives on in every Amanda's Tree: filled with more than a dozen pairs of Susanne Elizabeth earrings to help those fighting for their lives feel beautiful, bold, and empowered.

Amanda's Tree is currently available in two local cancer centers, and our vision is to put Amanda Trees in hospitals and care centers nationwide.

Buy One, Donate One (or Donate Both)

You can buy an Amanda's Tree today for a cancer center of your choice, and have one donated to a hospital/organization in need (if you're not sure where you'd like to send it, we can help find a great fit!). 

And if you want to donate both of your Amanda's Trees to a hospital/organization - you can do that too!

When you purchase your own Amanda's Tree, somebody on the Susanne Elizabeth team will reach out to you via email to confirm the details of where you want your two Amanda's Trees sent. You can also reach out to me (Susanne) at

Amanda's Tree Refill

If you already have a tree but would like additional earrings or if you would like to donate earrings to one of our current recipients, you can do so by purchasing an Amanda's Tree refill. 

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